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6 valuable tips to learn to deal with online dating rejection

Rejection is part and parcel of online senior dating. The most common rejection is when your potential match tells you in a nice way that he only sees you as a friend, that he’s dating someone else, or is otherwise not interested. Most people get rejection when they have gone out with someone once or twice and he or she just stops calling or returning the calls, or starts acting “off” until you confront them. Yes, rejection sucks, but it is an unavoidable part of dating, and the better you get at dealing with it, the better your dating life will be. Here are 6 valuable tips for you to learn how to shrug it off your shoulders.

dating online rejection

1.Don't blame yourself:

As narcissistic as it may seem, you can’t blame yourself for getting rejected. Some times you just have to know that she wasn’t the right one, and that’s perfectly okay. There are plenty of girls to go around, and there’s simply no time for you to be wallowing in shame for something completely natural.

2. Laugh it off and don't be shy about it:

I’m sure you’ve come across a few friends who take rejection far too lightly. They may even save a few stories to tell you when you’re having a drink at your local bar. But it’s true, and it works. Don’t take rejection too seriously, no matter how strong your infatuation is. Instead, take it as a story worth telling, it may even come in useful on your next attempt. Be proud that you tried, it establishes confidence and it shows that you’re a man who knows your standards.

3. Try something new, anything!

Try something new. If you aren’t attracting the people you are interested in, change some of your photos or re-write your profile description and see if anything changes. Try another dating platform, create a different profile, chat with someone new. Remove all the messages from those people to avoid the bad feeling from the rejection. Try something different, don’t lost in the game.

4. Don't succumb to your insecurities

You should never let your insecurities get the better of you. There’s no doubt that you may end up beating yourself up for not being good-looking enough or not being suave enough, but that’s not true. Everyone has their strengths and their fair share of weaknesses. If you find yourself doubting yourself, then fight against it with positivity and reaffirmation.

5. Take it as a learning point:

People tend to fear failure, but I see it as an opportunity. You should always view your rejection as something worth learning from so that you can improve yourself and move forward. Maybe you can tweak your approach a bit more and appear more confident.

6. Keep on trying, no matter what.

No one’s born immune to rejection; it’s simply human psychology. However, there’s always a way to curb that and recondition yourself. A reinforced piece of steel needs to go through the fire and get beaten up repeatedly. Similarly, you should keep on trying and get rejected as many times as possible. Soon enough, you’ll learn that you couldn’t care less anymore.

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