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20 Tips On How To Write Dating Profile For Seniors

If you have gone through the effort of creating a profile, then great! You have taken the first step towards attracting that special someone into your life, and will probably be making some great friends or companions along the way.

Tips to write dating profile for seniors

Tips Contributed by our Readers

On the senior dating websites and apps, your profile needs to be representative of who you are and what you are looking for, so that you can attract the like-minded people. But what kinds of things can you do to make sure you have a good profile that will indeed attract visitors to your page and spark interest among those that read your profile? In this post, we will list some dating tips from love-seekers on seniors dating sites.

(We will choose new tips from our readers and continuous update this section)


1. Be honest about your basic information. When creating your profile, be sure to enter the correct basic information about yourself, like age, height, religion and so on. Some senior dating providers don’t allow users to change those basic info later.

2. Use a positive tone when writing self-introduction. For example: “I love to learn and meet new friends”, “Life is an adventure and I would like to share it with someone special”.

3. Clarify the criteria about your match. Be specific on the age range, distance limit, religion, life style etc. Be clear and honest with what you like and dislike on your profile. Thus you created a response filter (“…we may be a match. Email me.”) You’ve helped tell the person what the next step is if they meet your criteria. You’ve created a call to action, which will help direct interested parties to email you versus waiting.

4. Make sure your information is complete and accurate. Nobody likes to waste time on a blank profile. If you are serious on seeking a companion or soulmate, make your page look good enough. Others will feel that you are not playing a game.

5. Use proper grammar to make a positive impression. If you know English and it is your native language – please use it well…it might be the difference between that reply message you are hoping for or the empty rejection you might end up with!


6. Don’t be negative in your profile. Negativity is a major turnoff in your profile. Being positive is like a magnet. Being negative is like wearing a skunk aroma.

7. Don’t contain sexual innuendo or inappropriate photos in your profile. Some people (mostly females) will skip over these profiles that have certain things like that.

8. Don’t use your real name as the username. Choose an impressive username instead of using your real name for your online senior dating profile.

9. Don’t make your profile difficult to read. Don’t write everything in CAPITAL LETTERS. Don’t forget to add the punctuation.

10. Don’t mention too much about your ex’s. Not everyone is interested in your stories. Don’t bring the sense perception in the previous relationship to the current one, you are facing a different person.

Tips On Your Profile Photos

Almost no one likes to read the profiles without photos. A profile photo is your representative in the senior dating world. If you want your profiles more attractive, you’d better upload more photos of yourself. 

And even though you have several photos on your profile, having the wrong kind of pictures can be just as bad as not having any pictures at all. So check the Do’s and Don’ts on profile photos now.


11. Do add at least 3 photos to your profiles on senior dating sites:

One headshot, one full-body shot, and an environmental photo. One clear headshot with smiling will get you extra credit on dating sites. Online daters like kind and friendly people instead of solemn people. A full body shot so people can see how you carry yourself. Your environmental photo and this is the photo that shows you in the place you love or doing that thing you love to do the most. Some examples might be you in the garden or watering your flowers, or working your horse, or hanging out in your favorite place.

12. To upload the recent photos:

The photos represent the real you in the moment, not the one in your 20s or 30s. When selecting a photo for seniors dating sites such as senior match, OurTime, etc, be sure to choose a photo that is honestly representative of what you look like on a daily basis. Nothing can spell disaster on a first date faster than showing up to meet a potential partner and realizing they look nothing like the photo you initially saw. Good looks don’t mean everything, however, attraction and honesty are big components to starting a lasting relationship.

13. Do add a description of the photos that easily cause misunderstanding:

If you have some photos years ago, mention how long ago the photos were taken. If there are some kids or opposite sex at the side, mention who they are. This way whoever is reading your profile will know you are someone to be trusted and also there can be no nasty surprises when meeting for the first time.

14. Do remember: A picture is worth a thousand words:

Make sure that your photo is a clear shot and one that shows your best attributes. Remember that this is the first impression, so make sure that your pose is one that you will want to live up to.


15. Don’t upload old photos to your profile. We have talked about this at previous tips. Just remind you again.

16. Don’t upload Naked or dirty photos:
Most of us won’t let this happen, but I saw some profiles with inappropriate photos on some senior dating sites. It’s really a BIG turn off to most of the senior people.

17. Don’t photoshop your pictures:
Sometimes you don’t want others to see the people beside you, you use photoshop to erase or cut the photos, or you use photoshop to prettify the picture, normally the photo looks unnatural and weird.

18. Don’t use apps with prettified functions to take photos:
Now many young adults like to post photos taken by apps with prettified functions. The photos are much more attractive than the normal ones, but it does not represent you. If you want a serious relationship, use the real and current photo on dating sites.

19. Don’t upload the photos that will disclose your address, phone #, ID card info, etc

Always remember the Precaution

Some senior people don’t realize that it’s not safe once you posted your ID card, driver license, etc to the internet only because you want to use the picture on them. If you really want to use the photo on your papers, make sure that your personal information is covered or removed.
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