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5 Online Dating First Message Tips To Break The Ice on Senior Dating Sites

Meeting a new person can be a relatively scary experience. After all, you have to put yourself out there to meet folks – whether you’re meeting them at a party, at a club, or on the online senior dating sites. All people, even those folks who consider themselves outgoing, are afraid of making a fool of themselves in front of people they don’t know and want to get to know.

Of course, breaking that ice on the Internet is far easier than it is in real life. How is that?

You don’t have a plethora of folks watching you make the moves.

You can think of what you want to say before you actually say it.

You can rest assured that the people you approach are single and do want to meet folks – why else would they be on the senior dating site?

online dating first message tips for seniors

5 Tips To Help You Write The Ice-Breaking Dating Message On Seniors Dating Websites

1. Stay Calm:

If you’re having a hard time writing, consider taking a step back and relax. Put a little water on your face and ask yourself, “Do I really have anything to lose”? After all, the person reading your message isn’t going to publicly reject your invite. And, chances are you may never see them in the outside world. The worst thing you could get is a message that says, “No thank you. I’m not interested”. Should you get no message from them, you can just move on and act like you never sent them one.

2. Do Some Research:

Before you write to just anyone, you should do a little research on their profile. It’s not uncommon for people to talk (or write) to others who catch their attention. However, it’s better if you know a little about them before you send them a message. This is something Internet daters want – they don’t just want someone who just looks at their picture; they want substance.

Ask yourself if there is anything you two have in common. Do you think this person would be interested in you? Remember that what she wrote is what she’s looking for in a person. If you craft your message that includes points of their profile, you’re going to get farther than the generic, “Hey, I saw your profile and liked what I saw” message.

3. Slow Down:

Believe it or not, ladies don’t like the cheesy come-on lines that men use. Such things like, “You have amazingly beautiful eyes” or, I must have died and gone to heaven because you’re an angel” and so on. These lines will not work on ladies of substance. Overdo the compliments and you just come across as creepy. This is especially true if you’re just getting to know them. You may not think anything of it, but they will.

How can you approach them? Keep things in the “friend” territory, with a simple, light message. The key is to be patient. Things can progress from there.

4. Don’t Ask The TMI Questions:

There is such a thing called “TMI” on the first message and date. When people talk about themselves excessively, they don’t typically like to listen. If you want a relationship with someone, you need to leave them with something to learn about you and listen to what they have to say. Be mindful of what you’re saying and how much of it you’re saying. There’s no need to write a novel, but you don’t want to send them a short story either.

The idea is to give things something that sparks their interest. You don’t want to include so much that they become bored. Some of your conversations need to include questions about themselves to encourage them to reply.

5. Check Your Message For Spelling and Grammar Mistakes:

Do you like reading a message that’s filled with spelling and grammar mistakes? If not, rest assured you are not alone. What should your first message have in it to show the sincerity behind the words?

You need to start with a greeting, tell them your name and tell them you liked their profile. Mention the things you have in common and ask them about their favorite movie, music, or something. If you have any pets, ask them if they have one. Ask questions without getting overly personal. Tell them you look forward to hearing from them and sign off by telling them to have a good day.

Break the ice on your first message

Yes, it really is that easy! You may not get a response, but if you make them curious about you in the message, you just might.

Did you find a person you’d like to message on some dating websites for seniors? If so, apply these tips above to break the ice without all the awkwardness that can occur with face-to-face meetings. You may find yourself having a good time messaging different folks to find your ideal mate.

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