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5 Signs to know if your partner likes you in Dating Scene

When you were younger, you might have picked the petals off a flower, saying, “He loves me, he loves me not”. Or, you might have passed a note to a girl with two boxes asking to say Yes or No. These days, you can’t exactly do this and hope for the best.

How are you going to know if someone is interested in you? After all, the majority of dates won’t explicitly share this information, especially if they’re not interested in you. And, you have to decipher through their non-verbal clues to determine how they feel. The problem with that is that non-verbal clues can often be misinterpreted.

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5 Ways You’ll Know If They Like You

To keep miscommunications from happening, five potential clues will help you to know if a person is interested.

1. They Took Pride In Their Appearance

How do they look? Did they take their time getting ready for the date? Does it appear they just threw something on? Yes, dress codes are not near as stringent as they once were, but the way you dress still represents the respect you have for yourself and your date. If they don’t want to put any effort into how they look, chances are they don’t want a serious relationship.

2. They Ask You Questions About You

How many times have you been with relatives during a Christmas or Thanksgiving holiday and kept hearing them talk about themselves? Do they ask anything about you? The same holds while you’re on a date. Are they asking you questions? How much do they want to know about you? If they’re asking, they’re interested in you.

3. They Keep Eye Contact With You

Your date should be interested in you, and only you. If you notice their eyes are darting around the room, chances are they’re not all that interested in what you have to say or in you.

4. They Immediately Reach Out To You

If you have an interest in someone, chances are you want to see and talk to them. If the person you’re dating doesn’t always call or email you back and you find yourself always waiting for them to make contact with you, then they’re probably not the one you want to be with. You should find a person that will appreciate you instead of leaving you wondering what’s going on.

5. They Ask You Out

Does it feel like a chore getting someone to go out with you? When it comes to your dating life, it should be fun and pleasurable.

It can be a real challenge trying to figure out whether or not you’ll get an opportunity for a second date. With the emergence of online senior dating sites, written communication has led to fewer misunderstandings. However, should that fail to happen, the above tips can give you a better clue about how they feel.

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