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6 Potential Questions To Ask Your Date To Stimulate The Conversation Process

No matter how old you are, a first date can be extremely nerve-wracking, causing some folks stress and anxiety. As a senior back in the dating world, you’re not dealing with the same kind of nerves you had when you were a teen. Still, you don’t want any awkwardness or conversational gaps that leave you and your date uncomfortable.

Most importantly, the time you spend with someone new needs to be a time of getting to know one another in a pleasant setting.

Do you need a little help getting a conversation going? Are you unsure of the questions you should ask that’ll help kick-start your conversation? Are you out of ideas for questions? If so, then you’re in luck. Here are 6 questions provided by counselors from senior dating sites that help you start your senior dating again!

potential questions to ask on your date

1. What Do You Consider Your Most Interesting Job?

Most seniors have had more than one job – sometimes several jobs. Therefore, your date is sure to have some interesting stores about one of their jobs. This will enable you to share your own interesting work experience.

2. Is There A Special Place You’d Like To Stay At Regularly?

Everybody has their “need-to-be-me” place – the gym, coffee shop, local park, etc. Find out what your date’s go-to-spot is to relax and be themselves. By learning what this place of serenity and comfort is, you’ll learn about your date’s personality and tastes.

3. What Do You Consider Is The Most Rewarding Things You’ve Been Or Presently Involved In?

Your date could still be involved with their career, and be completely satisfied with it. Or, they may be involved with a volunteering program that they find completely fulfilling. A huge fulfillment is having a relationship with the grandchildren. Whatever answer they give you, you’re sure to have an array of supplemental questions.

4.What Is Your Biggest Passion Right Now?

The things that motivated or inspired you in the past may not be the same things that motivate or inspire you today. Therefore, ask them what their current passions are.

5. What Makes You Laugh the Most?

Most people deem a good sense of humor as being one of the most important qualities people look for from people. It doesn’t matter what stage of life a person is in, each person wants a significant other that can lighten the relationship. Find out what things make your date laugh, and you’ll learn about their personality.

6. Are There Any Dreams You’re Currently Pursuing?

The younger folk don’t corner the market on dreams and ambitions. Regardless of how old you or your date is, you can have a dream or ambition you want to fulfill. It’s important to nurture it and act upon it. What kinds of dreams does your date have? Do they align with yours?

However, there are more interesting topics and questions you can ask your senior dates and know more about each other. As senior singles, you don’t have to be alone at your age of 50+, take 50 plus dating as a way to boost your friend’s circle. You will find your senior companions, activity partners, travel mates, or even soulmates!

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