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What you should do before meeting someone offline?

In this digital age, many people tend to make a lot of new friends on the web. With lots of fake profiles and fake people, a lot of risks are involved when you meet someone online. It is said that you never know a person unless you know him/her for more than 6 years.

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5 things you should do before meeting

Internet friends being on a risky side, here are few common tips for seniors safety on dating sites but you always need to be extra careful with your specific scene.

1. Do some Research

If you are meeting your online friend for the first them, you need to find out details about the person. You can talk about your online discoveries which will portray that you care. Also while these talks you will know if the person is fake or no.

2. take A friend

It is always advisable to take a friend or a cousin for the first date of online friends. Your online friend shouldn’t mind if you bring your friends along in the dates of the initial. They can anyways leave for some time when you both are evenly matched. You can also have group conversations.

3. meet in public

For the initial dates, you always need to opt for meeting a public place. You need not plan a meet at beach areas, outskirts, your place, or theirs. Always inform your friends or family or any adults about the venue and approximate time when you’ll be back because if the situation isn’t appropriate, they can help you escape. Instead, you can meet at a bar, coffee shops, restaurants, gardens, etc.

4. Don't reveal much about yourself

It is not advisable to talk about your ex during this situation. Stay away from providing all your personal information and don’t act desperate. Also subtly make sure that the information provided by your new friend is true or no. You also have to get information about them as much as you can to make sure that the person whom you are with isn’t cheating on you.

5. plan for escape route

It is advisable to plan for an excuse if you feel the date is not going well. Listen well during communication and if you find something fishy or uncomfortable you always have a planned excuse. Additionally, you need to tell your friend beforehand to call you in between the date so that if necessary you can escape saying it’s an urgent call.

You can find out a lot of people but you need to be smart enough for who is real and who is fake. You need not track every habit and body language because not all online friends are bad. Just act normal, be yourself and it will all be in its place.

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